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Dear trekkershut adventurer,
Ready for an adventure?
Lets go!

The pages below contain all the information you need to make your stay a success. Please read these carefully before you leave so that you can make this adventure go smoothly. Do you still need camping equipment? Then be sure to check out Hier, where you can find mats, winter sleeping bags, cutlery, plates, drinking cans and much more.

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Be sure to bring plenty of food. In the tent only water, cooking material and wood will be provided. Cutlery, plates and bowls you have to bring yourself (corona-proof). However, there are several possibilities to find food along the way. For the wild pickers among you, you know the rules ;).

What you can find in our webshop of cutlery, plates and bowls


If you are an experienced hiker, you can estimate the distances below. Using the routes below you can also see the height differences. Non-experienced hikers: don’t go too crazy. From our own experience we know that for the longer distances you need a good physical condition and good walking shoes. Don’t pack too much stuff in your backpack, because the heavier your bag, the harder the walk! Does it work out well on the first day? Then you can always choose a longer hike on day 2. Water is essential while hiking. Bring at least one liter of water, at the tent you can refill your water bottle at a water tank that is replenished daily. We have mapped out hiking routes for you! You can find more information at the bottom of this page.

For the hiking routes you can download an application or gpx file on a smartphone/gps (see instructions below). Charge your smartphone or gps well and possibly put it in flight mode to save battery power. You can of course also take a power bank with you. Do you prefer to work with a staff map? You can buy one here.

Do you prefer to work with a staff map? You can buy one here.


You will bring your own sleeping bag, mat and pillow. Choose a sleeping bag that can handle below zero degrees. Summer sleeping bags of 15+ degrees are of no use on spring nights. Contact us for more advice. Your tent will be equipped with a stove, but to keep you warm you would have to keep it stoked all night long. A good winter sleeping bag is therefore necessary, a well-insulated mat is also useful.
Below some tips from our webshop

Practical At Arrival & departure Check in 13u- Check out 11u

The location is just across the border in France on the pasture of the mayor of Vireux-Molhain, he is also the milkman, so occasionally a cow walks by, but you should not be afraid. It is a unique place, where in the morning deer walk by, and you fall asleep with the sound of the river in the background.

It is not the intention that other tents are put next to it or that more people than agreed upon sleep in the tent. For the sake of clarity there is a sign pointing to Forest To Plate, close the gate behind you and you will soon find the tents yourself (see photos below). On the left side is the tent for 2 persons (with wooden terrace) on the right side is the tent for 4 persons.

There is a compost toilet with toilet paper and ecological soap. Brushing your teeth= Use biodegradable toothpaste, you can find it in any organic store, we want to keep the location as natural as possible. Waste is to be taken back with you, it is best to bring a bag. After use, put the cooking material back the way you found it, there will be soap and an iron sponge ready. Cast iron pots should be completely dried out on the fire or oiled after use, otherwise you will get rust and that is not so nice for the next user.

Contact & Emergency

Still have questions? You can reach us at +32499293505 (Ben Brumagne). Please call only for important questions that are not answered by this list.

  • In case of emergency: call 112

  • *We are in no way responsible for accidents or theft. Corona measures must be followed by yourself.

    Nearest hospitals

  • Dinant: Rue Saint Jacques,501 – 5500 Dinant Tel: 082 21 24 11 (37 min rijden)

  • Chimay: Boulevard Louise 18, 6460 Chimay, Belgique Tel: 060/218.811 (42 min rijden)

  • Hôpital local De Fumay (FR), 30 Place Du Baty tel:060/218.811 (16 min rijden) 

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