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Autentic Jack Bell Tent (4,9 x 5,2 m) – Desert


Glamping reinvented: the Autentic Jack Bell Tent from is an upgrade from the standard 5.2 Bell Tent. With a generous area of 20.6 m², this cotton tent is a real all-rounder. The eye-catcher of this design is the wide and high door that guarantees stunning views and a very spacious feeling.

The Autentic Jack Bell tent is spacious enough for two double mattresses, or one double bed and a very luxurious interior. Like all of Autentic’s tents, this tent is finished to perfection. Details like the awning at the door, an optional inner tent and multifunctional side panels (for example for a stove entrance) make this tent the perfect choice for the professional rental or adventurous camper. Available in a variety of natural colors.


Simplicity at its best: due to the smart construction, this Fieldchair is very comfortable and easy to take along. Sit back and relax while enjoying the sunset. You may come across this lovely Dutch design on one of our Forest to Plate events or glamping spots. We recommend them for any glamping format or simply to relax in your own garden or campsite. Combine it with one of our lanterns and enjoy a hot tea and a good book.

Outdoor Oven

Enrich your garden, campsite or terrace with this all-rounder – fire basket, outdoor oven, barbecue grill and cooker in one – and enjoy outdoor dining and living all year round. When you come home after a long day of being outdoors and you don't want to go inside: all you need is this high quality Outdoor Oven. Cook any kind of pizza, bread or oven dishes and warm yourself up at the same time. The typical cortensteel material of this Outdoor Oven will get rusty when left outside: just how we want it. This oxide layer will protect the material and make this oven last for ages. A must have!

Note: this product takes usually 3-4 weeks to deliver. 

Kari 20 Shelter

This large shelter, the Kari 20 by Nordisk, is a 20 sqm large and easy-to-handle tarp that suits the Legacy look and feel. It protects against rain and strong sunlight and can be used either in combination with a tent or as a stand alone providing extra space for luggage or gathering.

Together with the tarp come two strong steel poles, 10 Steel V-Pegs with holes for added strength in sandy ground and guy ropes offering a variety of set up possibilities where you can use poles, trees or maybe a 4x4 wheeler or whatever available for anchoring. But please make sure that the tarp is properly fixed as it might otherwise be carried away in strong winds. We’ve used this tarp as a basic shelter to host workshops and cooking.

Cowboy Fire Pit

How to combine easy and safe fire making with several cooking options? That's right, with our Cowboy Fire Pit by Barebones you'll be able to make a cozy and warm fire to heat up those cold winter nights. At the same time you can prepare food in the same way as on open fire. A half circle Grill Grate is already included with this product but you can add one of the optional accessories for this fire pit, such as the Cowboy Fire Pit Extra Grill Grate. A very useful addition that will help you to control the heat on your pans and pots easily, and use directly for those freshly foraged greens en mushrooms! The legs of the Fire Pit can be taken off, which garantuees transport without any hassle.

Valhal Dutch Oven 6.1 L

The Valhal 6.1 Liter Dutch Oven is made of cast iron and has feet on the bottom. The lid has a raised edge and comes with feet as well. Cast iron is a material that conducts and retains heat well, and is also suitable for any heat source. Use this Dutch Oven on charcoal, a low burning fire or hang it from a tripod.

The legs on the lid allow you to place it directly on the heat source, without 'suffocating' the heat. You can use the lid as a frying pan. Thanks to the raised edge, you can place coals on the lid and thus create an oven function inside the Dutch Oven.

The Dutch Ovens from Valhal Outdoor are already pre-treated with a natural oil, so you no longer have to do this yourself before the first use. However, we do recommend that you heat the Dutch Ovens well before using them for the first time. When you take good care of your Dutch Oven, you have a pan for life. To increase the lifespan, we recommend using a cast iron care wax.

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  • Tent: cotton canvas 320 g/m2
  • Groundsheet: polyester / PVC 550 g/m2 (fully removable)
  • Tent surface area: 20.6 m²
  • Dimensions groundsheet: 490 x 523 cm
  • Door height: 210 cm
  • 2 large windows, 2 small windows, 4 top ventilation openings
  • Mosquito net: PVC coated fiberglass
  • Tent poles: aluminium
  • A-frame: aluminium
  • Ropes: polyester with reflective elements
  • Rope tensioners: aluminium
  • Ground stake: galvanised steel
  • Premium zippers
  • Weight: 55 kgs
  • Pack size: 113 x 56 x 43 cm
  • Included:
    1x tent (height 3.25 m)
    1x groundsheet (height 13 cm)
    1x central tent pole (⌀ 40 mm x 2 mm)
    1x Frame for door (⌀ 28 mm x 2 mm)
    Guy ropes (span Ø 10.6 m)
    Rope tensioners
    Ground pegs
    Robust storage bag
    Autentic is a 100% Belgian brand with decades of experience in developing tents, both recreational and humanitarian. An outdoor experience like no other is possible with an Autentic Jack bell tent (or other model) from Autentic. Forest To Plate is proud to market this top brand as official distributor.

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