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What do we give back to nature?

As foragers we are dependent on nature. With caring and respect we pick leaves en flowers, gather nuts, harvest seeds and search for roots in the ground to make a delicious meal. But our nature is not going very well. While people are in need of a more green environment, concrete still makes a great part of our landscape. It is clear that we need more nature and green zones: for us, for the climate, for animals and insects, for the planet. It is important that we contribute to conserve, protect and ensure the health of our nature.

five percent?

We use five percent of our revenue to plant trees. With that amount we buy land, order planting material, plant trees and take care of them, welcome volunteers, organize tree planting weekends, promote our tree planting activities and communicate about them.

With YOUR HELP, our followers, readers, participants, we can make this possible. We realize that we only make little steps forward, but we are sure that together we can give something back to nature.

Our realisations

1.Picking route in Vireux-Molhain


In December 2019 we organized a tree planting weekend in Vireux-Molhain, where we planted an edible picking route together with the mayor and a bunch of enthousiastic volunteers. Over the length of 500 meters we planted around 250 small fruit trees and 100 varieties of short trunk & high trunk fruit and nut trees.

Do you want to do the same in your municipality? You can read all about it here !

P.s: Unfortunately, the heat and drought of the summer has been too heavy for a big part of the young trees. This year, we’ll be planting even more carefully younger trees, that are more resistant to survive a hot summer.

2. Planting in Mont Vireux

Also on the domain of Mont Vireux we planted around 50 small berry bushes and 50 fruit and nut trees. We now have raspberries, hazelnut, figs, linden,… to lick our lips in the summer!

3. Forest & river clean-ups

clean up team.jpg

We organize forest & river clean-ups, because it is important to keep our nature clean. This group of volunteers helped us in the winter of 2020!

Until December 15th we organize the #coronacleanup on Instagram. Pick up the trash in your neigbourhood and make a cool post on Instagram while tagging @forest2plate and using the hashtag #coronacleanup. You can win a free nature stay! On December 15th we announce the winner.

4. purchase piece of land in Dourbes

Last year we bought a 2,25 ha piece of land in the Viroinval! We and our participants already enjoyed this beautiful field next to the river on our trekkings in the summer of 2020. But we have some more wild plans…

future steps


We will let nature be! At least one hectare in Dourbes will be naturalised, so that it can develop on its own rythm, without human intervention.

“Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation. It’s about letting nature take care of

itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and

restore degraded landscapes. Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder,

more biodiverse habitats.”

– Rewilding Europe

We can’t wait to see the yearly evolution. And of course we will keep you up to date!

Never stop planting trees

We keep on planting trees. This year we will be planting some hundred young trees in Dourbes. Our focus is like always on the edible varieties like walnut, apple, elder, but also small bushes like brambles or other berries. On the hill we will apply a technique to make sure water doesn’t flow away, but stays longer at the roots to prevent dryness.

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